Mytwosentences 115


Once a cotton gauze had been fastened with paper tape, the skittish little girl was given permission to pocket a sweet treat for her composed behavior during the daunting blood draw.
After thoroughly searching her jeans and jacket, a genuine smile of acceptance started to surface because fate had mysteriously mingled with the forthcoming results of her glucose test.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

34 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 115

  1. sweet … funny … very cool … jeeze … i liked that one a lot lot… whereas the rest of them i like a lot.

    at times i sense a commonality to our styles.

    I’m terrible about visiting people who “follow” and “like”. i have a philosophy about that that everyone says is dumb. but i’m ok with being dumb. or better yet … stupid since, stupid is funny in my book. (which most people obviously, have not read)

    i’m so happy you have stuck with me. For me, big numbers are 12 … . out of those 12 there are 5 or 6 who i cherish. you are one. since i just don’t read that much and am very ADD … i let too much time go by between readings which I always regret since i enjoy what you do so much. jeeze … entire stories with characters, setting, climax and resolution … in two sentences! and the “made up” words are wonderful … (almost as wonderful as mine … oh! … sorry!)

    and they talk about flash fiction! ha! … you got ’em all beat by a mile. so thanks for being who you are. i guess, ….. because if it wasn’t you i’d be saying these things to the wrong person.

    so anyway … i truly appreciate you enjoying what it is that i do. (“like” means ‘enjoy’, doesn’t it? Can i assume you enjoy? Wull, can you like something without enjoying it? Hmmm … that’s a hard one. I don’t think so.) so now i freely say … thanks for enjoying my words and please be advised i think what you do is wonderful. ks

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    • I don’t know how to express my appreciation for your incredibly thoughtful words. I greatly enjoy your posts and sincerely Thank You for reading mine. It is a beautiful thing to do something you truly love and have people “like” what do. Or at least find something in the writing that touches them in some way. Puts a smile on their face. Maybe even make them take pause and think. Thank You so very much Kurt and please keep doing what you’re doing.

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  2. I love the detail in the photo and how well it fits with your twisted and intriguing story. I was never composed as a child getting blood drawn. Even today, I have to sing a song or do multiplication tables in my head to distract myself.

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