Mytwosentences 117


Morning after monotonous morning he wandered about wearing untied black boots, grubby work gloves and a small knit hat which exaggerated the size of his ears.
Before beginning the chaotic afternoon collection of discarded bottles and cans, he crouched near the foot of his favorite tree to momentarily ease a weary yet undefeated sense of being.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

57 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 117

  1. I admire how you can make a whole descriptive story with just 2 sentences…and without being runon sentences! Great story. It triggers the imagination to come up with the surrounding plot.

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  2. Touche’ my intuitively observant friend – your gift is seeing things we all see,ย and having the ability to show us with words,ย what we are REALLY looking at – well done Sir Edward – well done..

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  3. My family and I knew a man we dubbed “the bottle man.” For years, he came out to the bleachers at the local high school after a game to collect all the discarded cans and bottles to get back the deposit. His skin was sallow, and he appeared unwell most of the time. Our hello to him was never returned because he was busy rummaging the trash bins. Only recently when the entire playing field and bleachers had been renovated did we see him again. This time he spoke and said he lived on a fixed income and used the money he earned from returning the cans and bottles to pay for gasoline for his old, worn pickup truck. Your photo of the tree evoked these memories of a complete stranger. We never know the burdens others carry around. We learned not to judge others and to be kind even though our greetings were not returned. Thank you for this post. It touched me.

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  4. Every time I open WordPress, I make it a point to visit your blog. Probably one of my favorite places on the internet. It never disappoints. Thank you for writing for us. You make our day better. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I like your writing and wonderful photos! Being very far away from your end of the world, I marvel every time you seem to squeeze in enough information to say what you wish and still just use two sentences and writing this to you took two sentences, too…

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