Mytwosentences 150

After he carefully slid into a somewhat snug space in a perfectly pish-posh section of town, J, not Gatsby mind you, but Gunther, proudly emerged from his polished blue automagical chariot and showered himself in what could only be described as impeccable sunshine.

As soon as the one time cool, now completely off the charts cool car door was closed behind him, the entire day, for that matter any day from this point forward, was his to tether, take and twist.

(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads


Mytwosentences 149 (The Preston Tapley Chronicles)

(He just arrived. Inform PICKERING)

All of his adult life clothes had been a systematic repetition of perpetual insignificance, but his hair, that was a different story.

He carefully styled his hair, not so much like James Bond, more like James Dean, if James Dean spent a little extra time in front of the mirror making a possible perfect a true perfection.

(Continued from Mytwosentences 148)

(Photo: Edward Roads)
Written by Edward Roads

Mytwosentences 148 (The Preston Tapley Chronicles)

Distant birds disappeared into the sunder of gathering clouds as Preston centered his new bearings on a property that was finally his, really his, despite the turn of your back fact he shouldn’t be here in the first place.

His dress, which was the simplest collection of bland, whitewashed whatevers, was the very same linen threads he wore each and every day without ever once thinking about it.(Continued from Mytwosentences 147)(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads