Mytwosentences 229 (Dying To Know 52)

Stave IV The Conclusion

The earth and the sea seemed to pause as Allie approached the cut off spectre of, well, where…. also, for some reason she couldn’t shake the thought of Dock 19.

As the giant grey spotted sea bird located a drop point, Allie remembered a helpful man… when she first came ashore… big table… yes, Shill it was.

Written by Edward Roads

Mytwosentences 228 (Dying To Know 51)

Allie Carraig sat strong on the custodial sea bird, as if she knew it was supposed to be beneath her… but how could that be?

In the glide of the moment, she suddenly remembered the laborious harrow of the buckwheat, but it wasn’t like before, it was just a passing memory… then the fulcrum of the flight quickly leveled and she saw…

Written by Edward Roads

Mytwosentences 227 (Dying To Know 50)

(Slumber / historical visions / etches in table) How come when I pause to listen to the nothing, I feel like I am going to fall out of myself… that’s the last thought she had when she came out of the hypnotic whirlwind camping beneath her eyelids.

Allie was never one to blench, perhaps a result of her foul father, (she twitched) but the redoubtablely deep darkness ahead, beyond the moonlit speed of the glistening sea, was now a welcomed site.

Written by Edward Roads

Mytwosentences 226 (Dying To Know 49)

and suddenly there he was, the mystical and lost Buddy Bolden; coronet on lips, Boller slightly forward, yet upon you… and a sly, slick sound most couldn’t and would never be able to describe, until later… Allie’s dreaming eyes continued to roll beneath her wind burned lids until thoughts inevitably turned to that god forsaken beach table.

The enormous spotted gray sea bird continued cruising only inches above the ocean line, but truly zipping, toward the place that she, Zenobia, had long ago proclaimed Brigadoon… preparations had once again begun.

Written by Edward Roads