Mytwosentences 156 (The Preston Tapley Chronicles)

While strangely stretching clouds continued to fold upward, Preston started a nondeliberate step toward the massive chipped red door of his newly acquired house.

As his shadow began to draw long on the brittle of his parched lawn, a second undefinable sound, seemingly from the backyard this time, widened his splintered eyes.

(Continued from Mytwosentences 149)

(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

Mytwosentences 155

  • The young and stringy single mother sat at a square block table and thought about those 1950’s malt shop days when her ironworker husband built a senseless stick boundary out of spite.
  •  Her step uncle, who had lived next door, dove into the shallow stones of Coleman Creek soon after that insignificant property fence became the sole beam of rampant sibling speculation.
  • (Photo: Edward Roads)
  • Written by Edward Roads