Mytwosentences 234 (Dying to know 56)

The embrace was not only an interlock of a tired and wet traveler to her potential identity, but also a mystical reception, call it a wriggle, between two unknown knowns.

The rain noticeably intensified as cloak and clutch between Allie and the stoic presence named Zenobia dripped to a single question… the rain danced on and baby Stella became silent.

Written by Edward Roads

Photo by Edward Roads

Mytwosentences 172

In this night’s nightmare, buffalos were roaming and the sky was glowing and the upside down made every unfortunate sunrise sideways.

The cramped room, which none of us wanted, was hot and without atmosphere, and that made the lack of water even more intolerable than the last sip of last night’s cheap whiskey.

Photo: Edward Roads

Written by Edward Roads

Mytwosentences 170

Tommy spent most of that frigid afternoon running from an obese, cigar gnawing arrogance that was $30,000 light from a day’s till of blood and muscle.

After a slippery northward drive from a lightly frozen Revere Beach, Tommy pulled into an unused gas station to park his prized possession and grab the stolen contents of it’s massive trunk.

(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads