Mytwosentences 58

The long counter, where the children sat, was strewn with strawberry jam, powdered sugar, chocolate and an untouched single stack of napkins.
As each silver stool swiveled beneath them, it was obvious the kids were the quiet ones in an otherwise clamorous and caffeine fueled coffee shop.

Written by Edward Roads

14 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 58

  1. I wouldn’t like to be there. Maybe I would run with the quiet kids to somewhere quiet and clean and play fairytale games.

    I can’t help wondering what would be the photo to accompany this two sentences post…

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  2. Reading your two sentences is like opening a door which leads to a place – each place is like a vignette or a tableau where the reader is an observer or a participant – as if I have walked into a room and become part of the action or I am a fly on the wall, able to observe all the emotion and activity which surrounds me.

    Your photos are lovely and your words bring so much to them – and when you write without an accompanying photo – your words stand alone beautifully and they allow our imaginations to take flight.

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  3. I taught English for many years. You two sentences would be great story starters !! Thanks for following my blog. I’m new at this and your following gives me great motivation and encouragement. Come on by again, I’ve just begun to fight, uhh I mean, write!


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