Mytwosentences 61


This morning I noticed several stones had fallen out of favor with a well-built wall whose fortification bound the breadth of the rolling hillside.
Perhaps the sunder rocks were withering masonry misfits that got pushed aside by the special strength of resplendent sunbeams.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

25 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 61

  1. The “withering masonry misfits” – this is adorable. Misfits they may be, but it is the misfits that catches one’s eye or shall I say caught someone’s attention? There is something to be said about the uniqueness of the misfit – the free spirits – awww, I think the sunbeams want to join them. I can hear them now – “Where might you be rolling off to…..? Can we come to?”

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  2. …or it could be your Guardian Angel trying to say something to you 🙂
    When I saw the image I immediately thought of Orbs… than the thought evolved to Guardian Angels.

    Brilliant two sentences and photograph.

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