Mytwosentences 76


Visitors from a vast vacationland follow their own hysteria to a perceived presence which is hauntingly housed throughout the shadowy streets of a storied city.
Wearing creative Halloween costumes countless hordes are drawn into an anticipation abyss, searching for lurking manifesting macabre and some semblance of sensory validation.
(Photo: Edward Roads -The Witch House in Salem).

Written by Edward Roads

35 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 76

  1. I can only imagine this street on Hallows Eve – I am quite certain there is a feeling of ‘something’ in the air – but the question I must ask is “is the candy good?, because going trick-or-treating on a street with below par candy is kinda sucky” – yes, a trick-or-treater must have their priorities on point! 🙂

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  2. I find it odd that the walk, don’t walk be placed as a dim reminder that one must obey the rules at all times or pay the steep price of becoming the reason people are “searching for lurking manifesting macabre and some semblance of sensory validation.”

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