Mytwosentences 94


With tears pouring out of their eyes, three restless children huddle together on the living room sofa while blurrily witnessing an inevitable fruition.
Leaving a thickset trail of lifeless brown needles, the center of merriment was mercilessly dragged across the kitchen floor and deposited on a sunless sidewalk.
(Photo: Edward Roads )

Written by Edward Roads

52 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 94

  1. Reblogged this on Teachezwell Blog and commented:
    Blogs like this wonderful site, “My Two Sentences,” can offer teachers an opportunity to amaze reluctant /struggling 2e writers and also encourage them. Kids can “paint” their own sentences by adding colorful words (varied parts of speech). A five word sentence can be transformed into 20 words with a knowledge of parts of speech. These sentences may not be as rich in language and imagination as those of My Two Sentences, but who knows what gifts are lurking in the hands of our twice exceptional writers?


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