Mytwosentences 99


She wontedly wore a silk crimson scarf, plush fitted hat and a smile that invited anyone who saw it to say hi.
Nowadays she wears soft tattered slippers, ruminates in a rickety rocking chair and has groceries delivered every two weeks.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

60 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 99

  1. That neatly summarises the passage of time and the accompanying photo highlights the change of seasons complementing the intended theme in a commendable manner. Thanks for the ‘2-sentences’ post!

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  2. I somehow misread this first time round, and burst out laughing; saw the poignancy on a re-read. Maybe it lost or gained something in translation across the pond!!

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  3. Matches my mood today! Visits from family dwindle as we age because they are in that busy time of life with work and family that we have left behind. Feeling like that little house alone in the field of snow.
    A melancholy day for sure but somehow even though the picture reminds me of the aloneness (not loneliness, there is a difference) it also somehow brings me comfort all snuggled up there in the snow.
    Thanks for just letting me think out loud!

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  5. Hello Edward,
    She is the same beautiful person within. Our elderly, grandmothers and great grandmothers are trapped inside their memories of past clothes and interactions. Two sentences is a marvel, “ruminates in a rickety rocking,” beautiful alliteration as is your photography. The snow this season was breath taking. You are further north east of Ohio, so the snow was higher, though our temperatures may have been colder. I wish I had spent more time outside in the drifts. The snow has mostly melted in the past two days. I love your photography. Take care.

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