Mytwosentences 101


Two penniless families from under the overpass sipped cold tomato soup out of partially rusted cans that were discovered a day earlier by one of the shoeless children.
When the powerful food transport passed by, several ravenous kids ran after nothing more than the taunting and untouchable scent of fresh baked bread they would never taste.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

53 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 101

  1. I witness this in my neighborhood each day. I wrote an essay called The War Zone which is based on my observations of living here. Although my cupboards struggle to hold the basics, I make a sweet treat for the kids once a week and distribute them. We sit and talk while they consume the baked goods. I learn of worries, concerns, needs, and fears as well as joys, successes, great times, and their family dynamics. There are times when I hear a grating need that requires my attention, such as a hungry child or one without shoes. I seek and find ways to meet those needs. All children are our children to protect and love without expectation. They learn how to be humans, learn how to be older, learn how to be compassionate beings from us. I choose to be the example.

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