Mytwosentences 106


In addition to suspenders his son gave him for Christmas, the potbellied single parent wore plain work pants, a faded flannel shirt and salt stained boots that had seen their last season.
For the final time this winter, he climbed down from Big Yellow with a well chewed cigar stub in his mouth and fondly looked at the sky that afforded him such an endearing smile.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

41 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 106

  1. This one gave me pause. I had to decipher why the single parent was so important to the entire picture. But the sacrifices made by a parent are evident in the wardrobe, long hours, long dead cigars, and even longer is the longing. (that’s a tall order!) I appreciate the messy story wrapped up in a neat box. It made me wonder how the man became single. I imagined a widower who was just coming out of his depression, determined to press onward for the sake of his offspring. But, statistically, I further imagined the polite, though necessary, divorce that he’d accepted long before it actually happened. I think your writing style lends gateways to other people’s paintings of their lives. I enjoy the journey.

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