Mytwosentences 116


After persevering a punishing winter, replete with nearly insurmountable challenges, the tatterdemalion survivors at long last heard the wrought wheels of a mighty locomotive locked in a screeching halt.
As the family of ravaged souls assembled trackside, a foison of food and necessities was distributed under the direction of a sympathetic engineer who had recently lost his sister to the inhumane horrors of hypothermia.
(This is a follow-up to Mytwosentences 101)
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

28 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 116

  1. Good Lord and Sweet Jesus – he’s BAAAAAAAAAAAACK with a vengeance – Foison and tatterdemalion – c’mon baby!! Great pic too Edward – Rave on!!

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  2. That was great! Again, reminded me of Dickens without the train, especially similar to Pip the orphan boy in Great Expectations. Moreover in the present time, it slightly highlights the perils of the refugees making their way across Europe. If only, they met someone as sympathetic as the engineer. Thank you so much for always teaching us new words!

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