Mytwosentences 183 (Dying To Know 7)

A murky haze with an unusual motion, like wobbly air in the abyss of a scorching desert, finally began to dissipate underneath Allie’s fluttering eyelids.

As a towering and rotund silhouette came into focus above her, Allie quickly realized she was not only flat on her back, but her right arm was in excruciating pain.

(Photo by Edward Roads)

(Written by Edward Roads)

7 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 183 (Dying To Know 7)

  1. Interesting that each pair of sentences stands up on its own merits as a kind of poetry thanks to your visual writing style. One thing I would ask is for a quick link to part one at the bottom of each post.
    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I typically take a photo and write. In this case, I decided to tell a tale I had knocking around my head and the picture represents the cover of the book. I numbered each post, starting with 1. Thank You so much for your interest. I greatly appreciate it.


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