Mytwosentences 221 ( Dying To Know 44)

What Allie Carraig then experienced was something most wish they could one day know, or at least approach… an awakening of sense and spirit, life and feeling… at that moment (she figured it was just another headache) her eyes finally unrolled into a less painful semblance of focus.

The boots were getting soaked as the tide continued to be playful, splashing in and out, laces floated; and her well worn footwear filled with salty beach and leftover moonshine… then the gigantic bird stepped forward and screamed.

Written by Edward Roads

9 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 221 ( Dying To Know 44)

  1. You were not kidding, Edward! This last post along with “220” had me floored! Love the first line of this post about “an awakening of sense and spirit”, WOW! I agree, she is having an out of this world experience with all her thoughts and events. Then you threw me for another loop where the bird squawked at Allie in the end. What is going on in that amazing two sentence mind of yours?! Love how you always leave us wanting more! Brilliant…

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      • Progress is your two sentences per post. Carefully crafted too. Slow and steady wins the race if you are racing…I still envision that book in the future. You will get there when the time is right, Edward. Best of luck!


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