Hello there. Welcome.
My name is Edward Roads. I thought it would be different, but also fun and challenging, to blog my thoughts and observations two sentences at a time… I love to read & enjoy walking around Salem, MA…. Simply put, I try to write down things that fall out of my head.
Thank You for visiting & don’t be a stranger.

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  1. Hello! You have a beautiful blog! I can definitely feel your thoughts and emotions through your words. I’d like to just encourage you to keep up your work. I’d love to see more. You have just gained another follower πŸ™‚ Cheers!

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  2. Thanks for the like on my “Pete and Amy.” It is worth the time for me to return your visit. Beautiful pictures with nice descriptions. The cancer issue is hitting hard in my family just now. Thinking of the scripture which says, “now abideth faith, hope, and love.” Even when looking that monster in the face, I cling to faith, hope, and love.

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  4. Thanks for dropping by SPASM! I like what you’re doing here but I’ll have to check in with my witch and see if you’re okay to talk to. I really got one and she said it would be a good idea if I stayed the hell away from Fall River. Didn’t say anything about Salem.

    I know that look you have martini glass in hand! It’s a dual functional look. It says “Yup I’m a smart ass” and “Yup you’re a dumb ass”. One of those times where it takes one to know one is indeed a truth.

    You may enjoy this one which was part of my decision to start SPASM.

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  5. Hello Ed,

    I’ve potentially been here before but I’m just popping by from naturestimeline as I saw your name show up against a few of my posts, so just saying hello.

    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell


  6. Hi Edward, I made my site private just until I am over my father’s death in the sense that I am not blogging out of low-grade mental illness, which is basically the state of anyone who’s lost someone to suicide. He was my last remaining close relative and the only close relative from age 12 till when I had my first child, in 1998. Anyway, don’t take it personally and I will lift the shroud when I am through with the major mourning. Love to you and your family! Sheri (Ink Pastries)

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  8. I really like how your blog is differently set out, it is one that stands out from many that i have come across so far, i am new to the blogging world, would you mind checking out my blog as well? thanks πŸ™‚

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  10. First of all, from a person who tends to be a bit wordy, I really am impressed by the simplicity of two sentence messages. I am going to follow you and hope to learn how to crystallize my messages more. This is going to be an enjoyable experience.

    Second, thanks for your “like”. It is appreciated.

    Lastly, I am praying that you walk in God’s blessings always.

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  11. I thought your photos were of Newburyport, and it seems I wasn’t far off… I divide my time between Acton and Kittery Point, and I spend a lot of time on the North Shore. You really capture the beauty of the area, and I love the concept of your blog. I don’t follow everyone who visits my site, but I find what you do to be inspirational to an aspiring writer. You make good use of the medium, and I look forward to future posts. Thanks! Jeff

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  12. Hi Edward, This is long overdue…I appreciate that you like my stories. I love the simplicity of your blog, it’s the epitome of, β€˜less is more’.
    I tried to use your technique but can’t seem to stay under 300 words. Thank you for your support.

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  13. you’ve morphed from the brief, two sentence stories of old into a continues stream of ‘two sentencers’ that move along in story form … each step forward and upward, resting on the parallel step beneath moving toward some ultimate plateau where I presume we learn all the answers to questions posed along the way.

    I tend to think of your work as ‘poetic narrative’ characterized by intense description with lots of detail .. in this case, an unfinished painting of a story with color, movement, evolving thought, problem solving that moves forward, two sentence bundles at a time.

    Each two sentence bundle becoming word and though emerging from time spent around a campfire, driven by curiosity each morning to rise journey further along the path of the story to see where it ends. The narrative pulls us along like the excitement of opening the smaller gifts at Christmas or birthday but, given to the reader. Satisfying in their focused intent.

    If I have only one reader who shows ‘like” I’m glad it’s you. I feel a kinship with your word paintings …. thanks, ks

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    • I honestly don’t know what to say. I am deeply touched that you are enjoying my story and see the layers developing. I just wanted to tell this story that I had knocking around my head for a while…the challenge for me is to tell it in little tiny baby bites. I am so appreciative of your interest in it. Your detailed thoughts are truly humbling. I couldn’t possibly find the correct words to properly thank you for all the wonderful kindness written here.


  14. I like the single photo aspect too. this is something unique I’ve not seen before. It holds the subject matter together, tells us every two sentence is a building block to a larger story. The picture reminds us that the words are part of the same story … where we are, what’s happening and that somwhere within the picture lies the destination where all the answers will be found. maybe … the story loops around with conclusion at the beginning where it all started but the only way to know … is to keep reading as your 50+ readers are doing! Congratulations on an engaging story told with brevity and color as well as action and thought. and thanks again for your support. ks

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    • I see the story somewhere on a line between allegory and a metaphor on life. I am taking a liberty or two with the Mytwosentences format, but only as a necessity for this story.
      Once again, I deeply appreciate all the incredibly beautiful comments, thoughts and insights. Thank You so very much.


      • did I say you’re welcome yet? ummmmm … maybe you are being lead down not necessarily another road with this approach … a different path? now that you’ve earned your stripes telling stories in brief descriptive format maybe it’s time to start stringing them together not necessarily in a forward moving way per se but tied together somehow in abstract form like, each two sentence soliloquy … or polished piece of fruit (if you want to look at it like that… ) is attached to the next two sentences piece of polished fruit by by a string or …maybe they are ‘modules’ that fit together since each is so succinct and maybe even rearranged into different abstract patterns without a logical sequence of time or with time mixed in but in a circular fashion or … I keep seeing ever widening circles like drops of water on still pond water … within the circular movement forward recollections of past ‘light’ that you have created since, each of your pieces describes in great detail the ‘light’ that you are seeing … one particularly graphic experience I remember was a time you were waiting to get on an elevator with your son who was dressed in a superman costume. I can’t specifically “write” about the circumstances of that occasion … seems there was something medical about it … but I can still SEE it, the colors and the place … I think I still visualize your son standing at an elevator door your feelings of love communicated beneath it all by the effort you put into describing the details which, I think well … love is contained WITHIN the details isn’t it and I think this is what ‘mytwosentences’ manages to convey … don’t you think that love and detail are on the same plane? or sumthin’ like that … how cool to publish your own 25 or 50 page chapbook(s) with one or two choice nuggets on each page grouped accordingly? gotta go … hope this makes sense … ks

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