Mytwosentences 81


The horribly disfigured, eyeless face staring directly at me from a filthy, shadeless second floor window wasn’t necessarily there.
Costumes and candy fueled caterwauling continued on the crowded concrete steps, while that gruesome enigmatic image appeared to peer at nobody else.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

34 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 81

  1. I love and miss the stonework of New England, as in your picture here. Concrete and plastic has replaced many of the old trades simply for instant gratification.
    I also like the flow and character of your words. You have a wonderful grasp of words, and a good heart…

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  2. Edward, I’ve been thinking about your steps and how effective they are here with your words, which makes them, an otherwise commonplace sight, menacing. I’ve heard that in filmmaking that *not* showing the obvious thing (the axe wielding guy, the zombie, etc) works because people’s own imaginations scare them more than anything else. Nice job!

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