Mytwosentences 82


Bustle and bravado defined a thriving workplace where creativity walked between buildings, as a medial watercourse of flowing energy fueled the furnace of enthusiasm.
When the slowing motion of life-bringing blood stopped feeding the heartbeat of inspiration, a pusillanimous panic quickly became an empty, stagnant echo along a polluted, currentless river.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

51 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 82

  1. Another masterpiece!! This image drew me right in. What a great shot and the words you matched it with again incredible. I had to look up the word pusillanimous. Where DO you get these words from? Honestly, do you pull them right from out of you head? If you do, I really am impressed!!! Love, Amy

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  2. a very thought provoking photo. it certainly draws the viewer into a place that is quite dank. your words open the mind to what might have been, but now exists only in the imagination of the writer and to which the viewer/reader may choose to ignore due to lack of imagination or indifference. as always, your perception provides a thoughtful image in snapshot coupled with articulate expression.

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