Mytwosentences 136


The typically unfashionable girl who always wore stripes, but today wore a solid light blue blouse, asked her grumpy father why mom would not be dropped off by her colonge reeking, fakely handsome boss.
After putting on a marginally protective, overly worn oven mitt, the big smiling little girl pulled a perfectly reheated pizza out of a dirty oven and demanded they recycle the box.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

21 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 136

  1. I bet THAT got to him. And good for her! They are boh very sweet people in their own ways. somehow, they cross paths and are thrown into a drama that lasts but a mili second of life but an energenic intens exchange between two people. An interesting tiny footnote in their lives but very very cool. You give me a short film clip that’s complete! My favorite Dual Superman. It touched me.

    Anyway .. Jeeze this isn’t about YOU its about ME! That last piece I posted was strange and very funny at least to me … it is fucking hilarious. But i figured ‘d get low numbers because it IS strange.

    I was right. Only 2.

    Wull .. A side of you likes nice numbers. It means people accept what you do. In a way they are taking you in by breath or something like that. A sharing.

    While the number was small and one of the likes came from you. Thought i’d let you know that if the fact that it was YOU who clicked ‘like’ for this very strange piece is just as good as higher numbers. To me it validated the piece.

    So i’say thank you very much. And I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it. That Donald trump … He’ll

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  2. It’s funny that I see comments mentioning a spelling error (?) which I read over without noticing, until I read their comment. What does that say about the reader (s) ❓Just asking 😇

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