Mytwosentences 135 (side story continues)


Summoning courage I had only known from campy tales with unconvincing characters, I hobbled over to the bulkhead door and haphazardly slid-open an unexpectedly loose deadbolt lock.
After flipping on a rusty, insufficient patio light, I stepped into the thick air of a perfectly still and obscenely quiet nightscape that provided a touch of solace, until the open door behind me slammed shut.
(Continued from Mytwosentences 134)
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

17 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 135 (side story continues)

  1. My grand daughter was coming to spend a couple of days with me. In the rush to welcome her I forgot to unlock the door. I stepped to the front door to welcome her. Thank God the door to my home had not closed properly, and we came inside, otherwise you can imagine what would have been our plight.

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