Mytwosentences 190 (Dying To Know 14)

In an unflinching formation that featured a hint of pugnacity, spotted sea birds carefully maneuvered above a clandestine, rock-ribbed island located almost twenty miles northwest of Skellig Michael.

Lost amid the ferocity of a continuously raging ocean and unknown to even the most detailed nautical charts, decades of maritime vox populi commonly dismiss the tiny island as an eerie myth.

(Written by Edward Roads)

11 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 190 (Dying To Know 14)

  1. Insightful and informative post complete with a 1996 UNESCO World Heritage Site of Skellig Michael. My research, brief as it was, informed me of a monastic community which built their monastery on the sloping rocks. Have you been there? George Bernard Shaw visited in 1910 and described it as an incredible place an part of our dream world. Love the post so keep dreaming, Mr. Edward.

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