Mytwosentences 197 (Dying To Know 21)

As she carefully approached the enormous, oaken table, Allie’s vacant acceptance of what was unfolding around her started to bend, like a forgotten aqueduct that began to receive dribs and drabs of fresh water.

She hadn’t an earnest thought, or a simple memory recall, about where she came from or why she was there… only that her name was Allie and someone or something had made her bleed.

(Written by Edward Roads)

13 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 197 (Dying To Know 21)

  1. I took time to read all the posts for this topic and now I AM “dying to know”! I admire your interesting and creative way of sharing a story! Every “two sentences” include a cliffhanger that makes me want to know what’s next… I also learn a lot of useful words and phrases, that will extend my vocabulary in English. Thank you!

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