Mytwosentences 198 (Dying To Know 22)

Allie’s eyes widened as she slid her right hand back and forth over the etches, gouges and grooves strewn atop the large, rectangular form; whose surface, in the partial moonlight, resembled a well detailed map of tributaries.

As she involuntarily walked around the perimeter of the table, her fingertips rode burrs, her eyes fell shut, and she liminally realized the haphazard scrawl was actually a boustrophedon style of deliberate writing.

(Written by Edward Roads)

11 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 198 (Dying To Know 22)

  1. Great post. Naturally, my mind wondered if you could actually use boustrophedon style in your post. After watching a couple youtube videos, the style reminded my of mirror writing which I taught myself in 8th grade during math class because I needed no extra help. That’s another story. Would you then reverse the word order line by line? My 4th grade teacher was ambidextrous and could probably pull this off were she still alive.

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