Mytwosentences 199

After she was laid off from the crab cannery and unable to sleep an English wink, Laura, nude and shadowy, made her way to the filthy front window of the second floor flat she rented from a fat, boisterous woman named Viv.

Looking over the broad thicket, and now wrapped in a soiled comforter she would never, ever touch otherwise, Laura contemplated the sketchy path she took to this point; and decided to be better than the grainy, blank stare she gave more than one hundred eighty years ago in London’s first known photograph.

(Written by Edward Roads)

(Photo by Edward Roads)

16 thoughts on “Mytwosentences 199

  1. In the first sentence who she rents from feels like a distraction. I like the feel of that sentence.
    In the second one do I understand she is back from the past? I wasn’t sure.
    You use a large spectrum of words.

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    • It is what your mind allows you to visualize…is she trapped? Is she omnipresent? Did she travel from humble beginnings to start again? Was the photo only a lookalike relative? Was she forced to a filthy window wearing only a dirty wrap because of a owner who knows a secret?
      I really appreciate your thoughtful interest in my little stories. Thank You so very much.


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  3. That’s a hella picture heading up this piece. Got all caught up in the tangle, the crosshatch effect. Felt like walking in an overgrown tangle of woods. Busy, gingerly stepping through until I catch sight of the windows, see reflections there.
    I love experiential photos.

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  4. I love the way you can weave a multi-layered story in such a short space.
    The ending of this one was a surprise and I love it.
    I never want to meet Vivi but I love the photo of the house – particularly the landscape we view it through.
    Thank you – for the visit to Walking by Inner Vision today!

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