Mytwosentences 205 (Dying To Know 28)

“Sweetheart, I am just trying to show you why we prosper…it’s ok…you’ll remember this and thank me one day beautiful…stop resisting…you stupid… you useless, lazy bitch…like your… wasted…mother…c’mon, your father is talking to you.. “.

Allie opened her knowing, bloodshot eyes, stood straight up in the dank, and walked toward the water.

(Written by Edward Roads)

Mytwosentences 181 (Dying To Know 5)

“Mam, you need to have your papers ready, and please, if you don’t mind, remove your hand from my table.”

Allie, who was noticeably ripe and well past exhausted, slammed her other hand down and clamored, “Help me, for christ sake, please”… then her bloodshot blues rolled up to all white, and she collapsed.

(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

Mytwosentences 179 (Dying To Know 3)

Allie, who hadn’t known a blip of happiness in more than 6 years, crept towards the poorly shaved attendant that was seated and staring at all of the new arrivals.

She walked up to a monstrous, scarred oak table, slammed her soft left hand down on dirt and despair, and figured she’d ask what she needed to do to be a citizen. {my God, I just don’t know, was that what I needed to do}

(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

Mytwosentences 171

Everlong friends, sipping rectory found tea at bible study on Tuesday night, reminding her that peacefulness is driven by an inner majesty that blocks the pain.

In the end, cold Bristol snow flurries gave way to an alert 87 year old that had seen a thing or two, maybe three; wanting to shake hands with anyone who had the compunction to see her as something more than a small dot on an equally small map.

Photo by Edward Roads

Written by Edward Roads